Aurora Propulsion Technologies was honored to sign the ESA’s Statement for a Responsible Space Sector at Paris Space Week 2024. 

The main objective of the Statement is to provide a foundation for the sustainable development of the space sector while increasing the contribution of space activities to the benefit of society.

Key actors of the European Space sector officially commit to join their forces and engage in increasing concrete actions for a more responsible space sector and a sustainable development of society.

More information about the Statement can be found at 

“The will and commitment to operate in a sustainable way is important to any industry. However, it is much more so for the space industry as we are beginning to operate in a pristine environment. We find it highly important to lead by example and show with real action and through our products how sustainable operation can be implemented in the space sector“, says Roope Takala, Chairman of the Board of Aurora Propulsion Technologies.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies is dedicated to providing the technical solutions needed by space mission to be performed in a sustainable way. The technical solutions however focus only on some aspects of sustainability, while the topic is broader when looked at comprehensively. Aurora has published the Space Sustainability White Paper to discuss all the different aspects of sustainability, from the traditional sustainability applicable to all industries to the in-orbit sustainability we are tackling.

More information about Aurora’s view on sustainability is available at