We are dedicated to create scalable and sustainable solutions for small spacecraft movement and lifecycle control.

We specialize in miniature resistojet technology. Our product portfolio includes a device for any propulsion need, be it deorbiting, collision avoidance, attitude control, orbital control, or all of them combined in a single device. We also offer a thruster system which combines Hall-Effect and resistojet technologies, ideal for interplanetary missions.


To ensure sustainable use of space

Do you want to bring your satellites or rocket stages back to Earth faster and cheaper when you are done with them?

Do you need a safe and reliable deorbiting solution?

Aurora reduces the future uncertainty and strengthens the sustainability of your business with this small (0,2 – 2 kg) deorbiting device (Aurora Plasma Brake).

  • safe and reliable microtether-based deorbiting
  • minimal power requirements: 0.25 – 1 W
  • fully autonomous or dependent versions
  • automatic or over command deployment
  • for satellites up to 1000 kg
  • from orbits up to 1000 km

Benefits that you will get with our deorbiting solution

  • comply with tightening legislation and reduce risks in the future
  • save your fuel for orbit maintenance for a longer mission (1 – 3 years)
  • save (15 – 25 kg) mass to include more customers inside your rocket
  • become sustainable & gain public acceptance