Aurora Propulsion Technologies featured in a live talk show by YLE, Finland’s national public broadcasting company

On January 27th television viewers could see Aurora Propulsion Technologies popping up on Finnish national television, when Aurora was featured in a talk show called Puoli seitsemän. The talk show centered around an exclusive interview with Aurora’s advisor Pekka Janhunen, where Pekka provided easily understandable insight on his inventions and the technologies Aurora is working with, such as E-sail and plasma brake.

During the show Aurora was showcased in a 2,5 minute insert, where Aurora’s CEO Roope Takala shared his thoughts on Finnish space trends.

The show was aired on Finnish television, and therefore only available in Finnish. If you’d like to watch this 25 minute show, you may do so in Yle Areena:

If you’re only interested in the 2,5 minute insert, you’ll find it as a standalone video clip here: