Press Release 30.11.2021

Aurora Propulsion Technologies and Kepler Aerospace enter into collaboration

Espoo and Bangalore – November 30, 2021 – Finnish Aurora Propulsion Technologies is a space industry engineering developer and solutions provider focusing on scalable movement and lifecycle control components for small satellites. Aurora has been recognized as one of the leading technology companies in New Space.

Kepler Aerospace has a rich experience in cubesat design, development and integration. Their team consists of systems engineers, Quality Reliability experts, System Integrators, Business liaisons with aerospace manufacturing backend support and Cubesat subsystem engineers with a keen eye for detail and perfection.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies and Kepler Aerospace are proud to announce collaboration in spacecraft systems. Kepler and Aurora are aligned on common principle of designing space missions with long term sustainability and debris mitigation in mind. ”I look forward to a successful endeavor and can’t wait to see what lies ahead when two passionate companies and teams join forces”, says Timo Mustonen, CFO at Aurora Propulsion Technologies.

Aurora’s proven propulsion systems will propel Kepler’s space missions to the next level. Kepler’s expertise in space subsystems, payloads and mission design will enable Aurora to offer a wider range of products and solutions to the European market. ”We look forward to a very fruitful collaboration and also furthering of India-Finland space activities sector” says Kiran Sharma, Founding Partner and CSO at Kepler Aerospace.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies Media Contact:

Timo Mustonen | +358 40 554 4410 |

Kepler Aerospace Media Contact:

Kiran Sharma  |  +91 8884340205  |

About Aurora Propulsion Technologies:

Aurora Propulsion Technologies’ mission is to ensure sustainable use of space, whilst prolonging the useful lifespan of satellites. Our technologies enable effective and prompt implementation of satellite position and orientation to ensure successful execution and growth for the owners’ business as well as the safe and reliable deorbiting of satellites at the end of their useful life. The long-term mission goal is deep space exploration with microsatellite-sized probes using a revolutionary means of propulsion, an electric sail. Visit Aurora Propulsion Technologies at

About Kepler Aerospace:

Kepler Aerospace is a satellite mission management company. Kepler designs satellite constellations and hi-tech systems for space based services. Our vision is to own and operate constellations of satellites to provide efficient space infrastructure. Visit Kepler Aerospace at