Press Release 9.2.2022

Aurora Propulsion Technologies Announces new highly compact thruster for collision avoidance

Addressing the increasing collision risk of satellites with space debris Aurora releases a match box sized new thruster designated ARM-C.  

Palo Alto, California, USA. February 9, 2022 Aurora Propulsion Technologies, Finnish company dedicated to the sustainable use of space, today announced a new thruster product the ARM-C. The single highly compact thruster is intended for collision avoidance manoeuvres for spacecraft in the size range of 1-200 kg in weight.

The new Aurora Resistojet Module or ARM-C Collision Avoidance thruster pacs a full thruster system into a highly compact package the size of a match box.

The ARM-C Module for Collision avoidance is a microscale propulsion system utilizing a water-based propellant for ensuring the safety of your CubeSats and SmallSats. It’s the simplest variant of the Aurora ARM product family. The ARM-C generates 1 mN of thrust on command witha single resitojet thruster. The single thruster form factor is targeted for series production, making the system affordable and available for rapid delivery from stock. The ARM-C can be used in an array of 2-10 thrusters for increased thrust requirements in larger satellites with a single thruster addressing a satellite of mass of up to 25 kg.

The ARM-C will be available for order immediately with deliveries starting Q4 2022. The product will be available off-the-shelf starting January 2023.

Aurora CEO Roope Takala says “We are proud to enlarge our offering in sustainable space operation products to supporting our customers safeguard themselves from collisions with space trash. The highly compact size and cost-effective design of ARM-C, clears all excuses for satellite builders from not including the ability of collision avoidance in their satellites.”

The ARM-C Collisions Avoidance thruster strengthens the position of Aurora Propulsion Technologies as a leader in technologies for sustainable space operations. The ARM-C compliments the companies’ portfolio of deorbiting products deigned to remove obsolete spacecraft form orbit and preventing the additional generation of space debris.  The Collision avoidance thruster addresses the issue of protecting spacecraft from existing space debris and the risk colliding and of become space trash themselves.


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