Press release 31.7.2023

New satellite thruster system Launches into orbit

Aurora Propulsion Technologies in partnership with ALIENA Ptc Ltd flies a novel multimodal thruster module for satellites on board the Strider satellite.

Espoo, Finland. July 31, 2023 – Aurora Propulsion Technologies, a leading Finnish space propulsion systems company, today announces the launch into orbit, our newest product a Multi-modal Thruster Module for small satellites.

The launch was conducted successfully on an Indian Space Agency PSLV launch vehicle, from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in India on July 30th at 3 am (EET). The Multi-modal Electric Propulsion Engine (MEPE) module is integrated onto the Orbastro Strider satellite. Over the next months the systems will undergo several qualifying testing procedures. The MEPE system are available for the space industry from the two partner companies.

The Multi-modal Electric Propulsion Engine (MEPE), is a joint development with Aurora and Aliena, a Singapore based space propulsion provider focusing on Hall effect thrusters. “By combining Aliena’s Hall thruster technology and Auroras resistojets we are able to provide the propulsion capabilities of both systems on a single platform.” Says Roope Takala Chairman of Aurora Propulsion Technologies. Both systems utilize a single propellant and tank system reducing weight, size and complexity of the system.

The Multi-modal Electric Propulsion Engine (MEPE) sized at only 5U in volume and can provide the propulsion needs of satellites up to 300kg. With the integrated thruster technologies MEPE is capable of supporting multiple types of propulsion requirements, ranging from attitude control, torque wheel desaturation, to station keeping and collision avoidance manoeuvres.

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