We are dedicated to create scalable and sustainable solutions for small spacecraft movement and lifecycle control.

We specialize in miniature resistojet technology. Our product portfolio includes a device for any propulsion need, be it deorbiting, collision avoidance, attitude control, orbital control, or all of them combined in a single device. We also offer a thruster system which combines Hall-Effect and resistojet technologies, ideal for interplanetary missions.


To maximise the returns of your spacecraft

Collision Avoidance

Do you want to avoid collisions at a reasonable cost? Do you need a redundant system to increase reliability? Do you want to save on in-flight insurance costs?

Aurora addresses the increasing collision risk by Collision Avoidance Unit (ARM-C). It is a microscale water-based propulsion for safety of CubeSats and SmallSats.

  • Less than 0,05U, about the size of a swiss-knife
  • Easy to integrate due to its plug and play design
  • Highly scalable as you need a single unit for up to 25kg satellites, and multiple units (2-10) for bigger satellites up to 300kg

Aurora and Kayhan jointly offer Collision Avoidance Solution PROACT™ to promote space safety. PROACT™, is an intuitive, fully autonomous collision avoidance system which consists of:

  • Aurora Collision Avoidance Thruster Unit: ARM-C (hardware)
  • Kayhan Space service subscription (software)

Benefits that you will get with our collision avoidance unit/solution:

  • comply with tightening legislation and reduce risks in the future
  • safer flights so you can focus on the mission at hand
  • become sustainable & gain public acceptance