We are dedicated to create scalable and sustainable solutions for small spacecraft movement and lifecycle control.

We specialize in miniature resistojet technology. Our product portfolio includes a device for any propulsion need, be it deorbiting, collision avoidance, attitude control, orbital control, or all of them combined in a single device. We also offer a thruster system which combines Hall-Effect and resistojet technologies, ideal for interplanetary missions.


To maximise the returns of your spacecraft

Attitude and Orbit control for constellations and deep space missions

Do you need cost efficient propulsion and accurate attitude control for your consellations or deep space mission? Do you want to reduce operational complexity and satellite size? Do you want to lower launch and yearly operating costs?

Multi-Modal Electric Propulsion Engine (MEPE) is developed as a combination thruster for both orbital changes and attitude control in a minimal form factor. It is ideal for both on and off LEO missions.

  • One tank and one propellant management system
  • Best of both: high thrust & high impulse
    • Hall-Effect thruster for obital changes
    • Resistojet thrusters for attitude control
  • Multi-mission capability
  • Highly compact (5U)
  • Savings on integration

Benefits that you will get with our solution:

  • highly integrated solution
  • reduce launch cost with orbital control capabilities
  • secure the operation of your constellation
  • capability for deep space operations

Attitude and/or Orbit control for Low Earth Orbit

Aurora promotes space sustainability and safety with state-of-the -art propulsion systems that ensure longer lifetime and more productive uptime for your missions.

Thruster systems (ARM) for effective and prompt satellite position and orientation:

  • smallest, lightest, simplest propulsion in the market
  • water-based propellant
  • reliable and energy-efficient agility
  • enhanced precision in space activity
  • custom-based product with modular components
  • 1/3/4/6 degrees of freedom movement

  1. Attitude Control for reaction wheel desaturation and pointing (ARM-A 3 dof datasheet and one pager)
  2. Orbit Control for station keeping and orbital changes (ARM-O 1 dof datasheet and one pager)
  3. Attitude and Orbit Control (ARM-AO 4/6 dof one pager)
  4. Attitude and Orbit Control using satellite’s tank (ARM-E 1/2/4/6 dof one pager)