Press release 14.10.2020

Aurora Propulsion Technologies Engages RBC Signals for AuroraSat-1 Mission Ground Services

Aurora Propulsion Technologies announces, it has engaged RBC Signals, the leading provider of flexible and cost-effective space communication services, for satellite communication services. The agreement gives Aurora Propulsion Technologies access to the RBC Signals global ground station network in support of its impending AuroraSat-1 mission.

Based in Espoo, Finland, Aurora Propulsion Technologies specializes in creating scalable solutions and services for the small spacecraft movement and lifecycle control. The company’s AuroraSat-1 mission is a cubesat demonstration mission and development project with SatRevolution which will provide proof of concept for attitude and orientation control. In addition, the satellite will demonstrate Aurora Propulsion Technologies’ Plasma Brake technology for satellite de-orbiting.

“RBC Signals is proud to provide space communications support to Aurora Propulsion Technologies for their upcoming AuroraSat-1 mission,” says Christopher Richins, CEO of RBC Signals. “This is an exciting demonstration mission to support with our global network.”

“The RBC Signals offering is both a flexible and cost-effective means for us to easily communicate with AuroraSat-1,” says Perttu Yli-Opas, CTO with Aurora Propulsion Technologies. “We are happy to be able to rely on experts for these services so we can focus our attention on other key aspects of the mission.”

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Roope Takala, Chairman & CEO
+358 50 482 0860

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Aurora Propulsion Technologies’ mission is to ensure sustainable use of space, whilst prolonging the useful lifespan of satellites. Our technologies enable effective and prompt implementation of satellite position and orientation to ensure successful execution and growth for the owners’ business. The long-term mission goal is to restart deep space exploration with microsatellite-sized probes using revolutionary means of propulsion, an electric sail.

RBC Signals is a leading global space communications provider serving government and commercial satellite operators with an improved model for the delivery and processing of data from spacecraft in orbit. The company’s worldwide communication network includes both company-owned and partner-owned antennas, capitalizing on the sharing economy model, for best-in-class services offering affordability, flexibility and low latency.