Press release 2021-03-10.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies Expands Relationship with Momentus

Espoo, Finland (10th of March 2021) –Expanding on its existing relationship with Momentus, Aurora is announcing its plans to launch a satellite with Momentus in June 2022.

“Aurora is happy to continue our endeavours in space together with Momentus.,” said Roope Takala, CEO of Aurora Propulsion Technologies. “This flight will allow us to further test in orbit, our next generation products and expand our product portfolio and product capabilities.”

Aurora offers a unique portfolio of small satellite propulsion devices, including Resistojet thrusters, plasma brakes and the upcoming E-sail for deep space missions. Auroras Resistojets offer a compelling thrust to power ratio, with up to 5mN of thrust, excellent control and quick response times. This makes the thrusters optimal for spacecraft attitude control, collision avoidance manoeuvres and for example docking operations in space. The Plasma Brakes enable deorbiting satellites at the end of their useful lifetime ensuring future generations a clean space. In addition to the products Aurora also offers manufacturing services of space grade high precision mechanical components as well as services in space craft and mission design from its home base in Finland.

“We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Aurora Propulsion Technologies on Vigoride,” said Dawn Harms, CEO of Momentus. “We look forward to working with Aurora to enable new and innovative systems for Earth orbits and beyond.”


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About Aurora Propulsion Technologies

Aurora Propulsion Technologies’ mission is to ensure sustainable use of space, whilst prolonging the useful lifespan of satellites. Our technologies enable effective and prompt implementation of satellite position and orientation to ensure successful execution and growth for the owners’ business as well as the safe and reliable deorbiting of satellites at the end of their useful life. The long-term mission goal is deep space exploration with microsatellite-sized probes using a revolutionary means of propulsion, an electric sail.

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About Momentus

As a first mover in building in-space infrastructure services, Momentus is at the forefront of the commercialization of space. With an experienced team of aerospace, propulsion, and robotics engineers, Momentus has developed a cost-effective and energy efficient in-space transport system based on water plasma propulsion technology. Momentus has in-place service agreements with private satellite companies, government agencies, and research organizations.

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